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Kinetic Sand 神奇動力沙 Dino Dig Triceratops

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Ages: 3 Years+

動力沙方便易玩, 不黏手! 方便大人和小朋友, 發揮創意, 塑造不同的造型, 不會變乾, 可以重覆再用, 方便清理, 瑞典制造, 安全無毒, 適合3歲以上小朋友!

Bring out the inner paleontologist with this sensory filled excavation. Dig through the Kinetic Sand™ using the excavation tools (included) to uncover the dinosaur bones. Assemble the bones to create a realistic skeleton. Each kits comes with 2.2 lbs of sand, one 3D dino-puzzle skeleton and tools.